Top 10 Benefits of Google AdWords

Google AdWords improves the visibility of the brand and brings in faster results. Google AdWords itself is a boon to advertisers to speed the process of revenue generation. Other than this, AdWords has introduced many features in its platform. This has resulted in increasing the benefits and bring in great results.

1. Increase Brand Awareness Google Adwords Brand Awareness

Earlier days, brand awareness was more or less followed a blind method, which is advertising on newspapers, billboards, radio & TV advertisement. This approach would have fetched result for consumer products but B2B products suffered to a great extent as communicating advertising message to the broad audience isn’t effective and a hole in the pocket as well. Digital advertising specifically Google AdWords has revolutionized the way brands do their advertising.

With Google AdWords, brands can advertise to the audience when they are researching about their product category in the search engine. Advertisers can also increase their audience size by targeting people on other websites through Google Display Network.

2. Faster Result than SEO

The visibility businesses get on Google is much more valuable in terms driving sales than any other medium. On the search engine, businesses have the golden opportunity to come in front of people at the exact time when they are looking out for their product or service. But if the opportunity is such big, competition will be really high.

That’s why organically ranking on search engines is a time consuming and a tedious task. With proper optimization of the websites and availing credibility from authorized websites through backlinking can bring good results organically, but it takes time.

With Google AdWords, businesses can get the results much faster. Obviously, there is competition here as well. But the good news is along with the bid amount, the quality score of the keyword i.e. ad relevancy, landing page experience and expected CTR determines the position of the ad. Hence, with proper optimization of Google AdWords along with required bid can bring in great ROI.

3. Outrank your Competitor Ads

We all have heard and seen brand fights, especially on billboards. AdWords provides a smarter and not so nasty option to beat your competitors. Let’s say you have tight competition with one of the brand in your niche and you suspect that most of the prospective sales are shared by them. To back up the assumption, AdWords outrank share report shows that most of the times this competitor of yours outranks you on Google. With Google AdWords, you can choose “Target Outrank” automatic bidding strategies to adjust your bid to outrank the specified competition in the auction.

4. Influence the audience to make the purchase

How many times you make the purchase or give your contact details when you visit a website for the first time? The common answer would be very rarely! The reason is, in this world of the internet all information is available at the tip of a finger and before taking any purchase decision, the consumer does a lot of research, compares different options and takes the decision. It is crucial for brands to influence the decision of people who have visited the website to make them sail through the purchase funnel.

With Google AdWords’ remarketing ads, this process is very simple and effective. Audience visited a website through any source can be categorized into various audiences and targeted on the websites which are on Google Display Network.

5. Increase ad visibility to the high-quality audience

A major misconception among advertisers is that every keyword should have 100% search impression share. But in reality, is it viable to spend money on every search? Many times, the searches can be purely for research by people doing a project, competitors etc. who have no intention of buying the product.

With AdWords, it is possible to serve ads to the audience who are more like to make a purchase. One has to choose automatic bid strategies such as Ecpc (Enhanced Cost per Click), wherein bid will be adjusted based on the previous conversion data and the combination of various information of those converters like location, device, model, browser, time of the day, the day of the week etc.

6. Test, Test, Test and Let the Best Win

Let’s say you have a new feature of your product which you think would attract customers, so you replace this feature with the existing features in your ad copies and update the same thing on your landing page. Meanwhile, you also decided to test one of the automatic bidding strategies to improve conversions.

Within a month, your AdWords performance improves in terms of CTR & conversions. You show the results to your boss and your boss is impressed. Now, he/she tells you to implement this across all the campaigns. The only problem is you don’t know whether the new feature worked or the new bidding strategy!

Google AdWords has an option to experiment one change per campaign and test over a period of time, whether the original or the experiment delivered the better result. Data given in the experiment is statistically verified to remove the randomness.

7. Strategize Campaigns based on users’ Demographics

One of the latest updates of Google AdWords specifically for search campaign is the data about user demographics like age, gender, parental status etc. Let’s consider an instance that you are an interior designer and your target customers are people who have a house or who are planning to construct a house. You have started using google adwords and you observe your conversion rate is not great.

You decide to look at the demographics of your audience and found that 30% of traffic is coming from the age group of 18-24 which is generally not the age group of your audience. You decide to exclude this age group in an experiment and run the experiment for some time. By the end of the experiment, you observe the conversion rate of your experiment is much better than the original. This is one of the instances how users’ demographics is one of the benefits of Google AdWords.

8. Schedule the Ads to Reach the Audience at the Right Time

One of the main benefits of Google AdWords is to decide the time & day when you want your ads to run. But isn’t it beneficial to run ads 24/7? Not necessarily. It depends on your industry niche, product, service and more importantly your past data.

After running your campaign for 3-6 months, take the data based on time of the day and day of the week, identify the time or day or combination of it which are eating your money (no conversion, only clicks) and either reduce the bid or pause the ads at that time or day. Run the experiment for few days and see if your cost per conversion and conversion rate is improved.

9. Remarket audience with best deals

It is a known fact now that remarketing is one of the best ways to influence users to sail through sales funnel. It doesn’t stop there, remarketing ads can be customized as per users’ website usage. If a user visits specific brands’ mobile phone page and leaves the website without adding it to cart, the remarketing ad for that visitor can be about the same mobile with an added offer like cashback offer or free shipping offer.

To make this customization easy for large websites, one can choose dynamic remarketing ads, wherein ads will be updated based on the page visited by the user. Influencing audience with the best deal they would be interested in is one the best benefits of using Google AdWords.

10. Increase your Audience reach with RLSA & Broad Match Keywords

When it comes to Adwords, advertisers normally choose exact or phrase match keywords to make sure ad is served to relevant keywords. With AdWords RLSA features, one can use broad match keywords smartly. One has to create a campaign with broad match keywords and select RLSA audience for that campaign. By this, you will broaden your search query for users who have visited your website with the confidence that their search would be around your product. This helps one to broaden their search options for revisiting audience.