15 Reasons You Should Advertise on Bing

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to drive potential customers to your site, to peruse your products or services, is through PPC or pay-per-click search engine marketing.

1. Bing Ads Will Help You Reach 33 Percent of U.S. Consumers

Yes that’s right! People searching on Bing and Yahoo sites are shown advertisements powered by Bing Ads. That’s 1 in 3 people in the U.S. who you can reach when they are searching for products, answers and solutions online. According to ComScore, Bing receives 6.2 billion searches a month. Don’t miss out on the potential business among those using search engines other than Google! Learn more about the Bing Ads Audience.

2. It’s Super Simple to Get Set Up on Bing Ads

When you decide to advertise on Bing Ads, we make it super-easy with our Google import tool:
You take your existing AdWords campaigns and upload them to Bing Ads, making the process simple and frictionless.

3. We Provide Actionable Data to Help You Plan Better

We believe in transparency so recently we launched the Bing Ads Marketplace Trends site that utilizes a variety of visualization tools that help marketers plan better campaigns by having industry, device, location and scheduling data at their fingertips.

4. You’ll Get a Better Return on Investment

For years, advertisers have been telling us they get a better return on their investment for their ad spend on Bing Ads. We put this down to the quality of our network and the fact Bing searchers earn more and therefore, have more disposable income.

5. Bing Ads Intelligence Makes Excel a Marketers Dream

We know the digital marketer of today spends a huge amount of time in Excel. That’s why we created Bing Ads Intelligence which you can download for free to help advertisers with keyword research.
You can work with large lists of up to 200,000 keywords, perform integrated research on keyword and bid estimates, and find keyword-specific metrics such as clicks, impressions, position, click-through rate and cost per click. All in Excel!

6. Get Industry Insights from Our Data Scientists

We love nothing more than helping our customers get the most from our search data. We regularly share industry vertical-focused insights on our SlideShare channel to support marketers in making the best decisions for their campaigns.
Here are a couple examples:
A+ back-to-school insights for digital marketers from Bing Ads
Brand Term Bidding: An offensive + defensive strategy – Retail Edition from Bing Ads

7. You’ll Never Have an Issue Reaching a Human from Bing Ads

If you need help, have a questions or just want some expert advice, we’re here to help. We’ve been actively supporting our customers on social channels for nearly 10 years! So Tweet us, Facebook us, send us a pic on Instagram or join a LinkedIn chat.
Here are some other ways you can connect with us, share your feedback and ask questions, all pretty much in real-time:

Get a free Bing Ads Coach
Bing Ads Live Chat
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Or call 1-800-518-5689

8. You Can Reach a Global Audience with Bing Ads

Bing Ads doesn’t just allow advertisers to target potential consumers in the U.S., we have a global footprint that includes 14.5 billion people in 35 countries.
We have Bing Ads teams around the world and in the community helping marketers understand how to get better at search marketing globally in places like Canada, Europe and LATAM.

9. We Listened and Have an Updated UI

Our interface has been updated to include more features and increase efficiency as we realize your time is precious. If you’ve not dropped by Bing Ads in a while, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much it’s improved.

10. Windows 10 Means More Customers for Your Business

With Windows 10, advertisers can expect an increase in audience growth across search. Bing is baked into the Windows 10 desktop experience and your digital assistant, Cortana, is powered by Bing as well.

11. Product Ads and Bing Shopping Campaigns are Easy to Set Up

As with regular search campaigns, product ads are easy to import directly from existing Google Shopping Campaigns and give you better control and share of voice and item level reporting.

12. Bing Isn’t Just About Traffic from Bing.com and Yahoo!

Bing powers search for Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s Siri. Bing is the default search engine on all PCs and Cortana, powered by Bing, will be available as an app for Android and iPhone soon. It’s safe to say Bing is pretty much everywhere bringing you customers regardless of what device or operating system they are on.

13. You Can Access Your Bing Ads Campaigns on the Go

We just announced Bing Ads for iOS with Android coming soon! So that means access to your campaigns whatever device you use and wherever you are.

14. One Tag Tracking Can Help You Earn More Clicks and Revenue

Bing Ads allows you to take advantage of Universal Event Tracking, a powerful campaign measurement solution that helps you get enhanced insights into how customers are behaving on your site. It’s added flexibility to track goals and events that are important to your brand.

15. Bing is Beautiful

With a new homepage picture every day, Bing is easy on the eyes as well as a driver of qualified customers to your site.